My influencer is Leonardo Di Serpiero Da Vinci

I've just finished my Linkedin profile, and I received an advice from Linkedin. It told me to follow a woman I've never heard as my influencer says this will help me expose myself to the public 40% efficiently.

I stuck immediately.

May be I'm an old guy that think influencer means a person that really did something change your whole life.

I have so many influencers, one my primary teacher, one my secondary school teacher, one my photography teacher and many dead authors...

They really influence me. May be a word, may be a sentence, may be an action. Those things change my life. They affect on every move nowadays I make. I call them my influencer. To me an influencer should be like that.

I don't think suggesting an influencer is a proper wording. You can suggest me a great person. But will he/she be my influencer, that's another story. Also, can someone introduce himself/herself as an influencer? Yes, if they have kids and mention carefully that they are the influencers of them.

Does it matter? Yes.

Things are there, because they not like the others. A pen is a pen, because it's not an apple. There are more and more things occur in our life, if we treat all the things the same, we will lose in which is which. Then we will lose the sense to define which is better. If we can't define what is better, how can we make things better? How can we mess up influencers with so many great looking people then end up be influenced and changing our life? I don't see any chance.

So, people, be truth to yourself, leave some space for things that really important to you.

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