Hero Toolchains

What makes a tech company move so fast? A better tool!

What makes it even faster? One more cool tool!

Let's share about some cool tools worth to be installed on every computer of your employees.


(Description and opinion will have arrived later)


Slack (www.slack.com)


Skype (www.skype.com)

Sketch (www.sketchapp.com Mac):

Yes, for common scenarios Sketch is a communication app for visualizing the ideas in a team. With Mirror (phone app from Sketch team), you can quickly spread the idea from a pure graphical design to an MVP prototype.



JetBrains (www.jetbrains.com):

All JetBrains IDEs are powerful and easy to use and be config. A lot of plugins can push it's edge even further. You will easily find plugin integrate with source control services like GitHub, Gitlab, Gerrit and even task management like Jira, Trello. All happen in one place. Its intelligent sense can help you accomplish complicate tasks like refactoring architectural design, super good for you to deal with legacy code (Or avoid it).

It's IDE line include almost all most popular industrial language project.

C/C++ - CLion

Java - IntelliJ Idea 

Python - PyCharm

Web - WebStorm

Ruby - RubyMine

GoLang - GoLand

iOS/MacOS - AppCode

Android - Android Studio, formally known as an extended IntelliJ Idea

.Net - A lot of tools there

And a lot of cool tools more than just IDE


Visual Studio Code:

You may say it's a "Text Editor", but hey, it's far more than that, it's a better Atom 😂

If you like lightweight but still powerful, opensource free tools, cross-platform technology Electron. You should really give it a shot. As a Mac lover, I would like to say, this is the best Microsoft product ever.

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